Metal Troops 1/35 German 80cm Railway Gun “DORA”

Building the 1/35 German 80cm Railway Gun “DORA” When I first saw this kit at Lil’s Trinoma, I knew the club just had to have it. A project like this would involve many members of the club, an activity not new to the talented members of IPMS-Philippines Bert Anido. And so, after convincing Frank Ching to split the cost with …


Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Queen Elizabeth

Brief History of the Queen Elizabeth Class Battleship: In 1912 the British Admirality approved a draft by Sir Philip Watts for a 27,500 ton battleship to be armed with the largest gun caliber ever mounted on a capital ship the 15in/42cal Breech Loader, Mark 1 still under development which later became one of the most successful naval guns ever produced. …


1/35 Trumpeter Krupp/Steyr Waffentrager

The Krupp/Steyr Waffentrager is another “paper panzer” that reached the prototype stage. It was developed to addressGermany’s lack of defensive vehicles in the closing days of the war. Several prototypes were built and tested, with some of them seeing action in the Battle of Berlin. Though it only weighed about 5 tons, this small “weaponcarrier” was fitted with the 88mm …


1/35 Hobby Boss Hetzer Starr Preview

A “paper panzer” that reached the prototype stage and even saw limited action in the final days of the ETO, the Hetzer Starr is your standard Hetzer fitted and modified to accept a rigid 75mm Pak 39/1 L/48. This was done to simplify the production at a time when Germanywas losing its resources.