Look at what I stumbled upon!

Newly arrived 6×6 trucks for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, photos taken inside the Fort Bonifacio Camp grounds on October 2013. These trucks arrived in 2.5, 5 and 7 tonnes class. Different configurations: Open Low Rear Cab, Cargo/ Covered Canvass type, Hauler, and Shelter type.

The trucks came in camouflaged 3-tone NATO and interestingly- Desert Tan colors.


t09_zps18eb0989aSmaller (overall army green) 6×6’s are manual transmission while the bigger brother M32A2 are automatics.

The M32 cab interior are a mix of desert tan and NATO green. and apparently stencil marks these originally came from Fort Riley, Kansas. while the smaller ones have stencils from a Pennsylvanian military surplus company.

The cargo trailer is designated as 3/4 ton 2w M101A2. and all arrived in desert tan color.t10_zpsc5692fd0a t12_zps815546c5a t13_zpsa15825d1a t14_zps34b82c16at01_zps1c757b73a

m32-01 m32-02 M32 (1) M32a2 m32a2 1 m32a2 1 (1) m32a2 1 (2) M32a2 (1) M32a2 (2) M32a2 (3) M32a2 (4)Sticker price on each vehicle, note the numbers have been jumbled and recolored due to OPSEC.M32a2 (5) M32a2 (6) M32a2 (7) M32a2 (8) M32a2 (9) M32a2 (10) M32a2 (11)